About Us

We are a UK based manufacture of custom-made gun stocks using wood locally-sourced from the UK.

Parmoor produce stocks for benchrest centerfire, 22 rimfire benchrest, F-class, FTR, tactical & sporter stocks. All stocks can be inleted or un inleted. We produce stocks from light weight material, walnut and birds eye maple and American cherry to name but a few.

All of our stocks are of a laminated section. We do 2 or 3 laminations to prevent twisting.

If you want to see our finishes and choose a colour, take a look at our finishes.

Over the next few months we are moving to the cutting edge technology with the installation of two cnc machines with rotary carving one with 4 rotaries on it & a flat bed with one rotary , + 3d scanner to take scans & produce stocks from them.

In 2009 having spent many years in the construction industry as a plasterer, and a brief period manufacturing pine furniture, I thought that I would leave the industry and try something different.

Being a keen target shooter & stalker, I felt that something in the gun trade would be appropriate. Having developed wood-working skills over many years from wood machining and turning, I decided to move into stock making.

I own several custom rifles & personally understand the problems and shipping issues involved in importing laminated stocks from the USA. Far better for them to be made in the UK.

Having a custom stock made in the UK is not as expensive as you think. For further enquires contact Steve for a friendly chat about your requirements.

Trying to re-hash an old stock for bench rest disciplines is the most impractical and costly thing you can undertake and at the end of it all it will not be up to the job, regardless of what people or your mates down the pub tell you . Do not be fooled into it, the stocks I make for bench rests have a long history in development to arrive at the shape they are and to comply with the rules.

So buy a Parmoor stock and get it right first time. You will be impressed by the low cost of it all.

Stephen Parker